Radical Life Extension

  • Ethics At The Fountain Of Youth

    As we trailblaze a new way to age our access to health information and medicine is lengthening our liives. It's improving our quality of life in later years.  Wrinkles and illnesses, however, are still part of the journey.  Not surprisingly, then, advancing medicine fuels a renewed search for the fountain of youth.  Revenues for the anti aging industry (research, products, services) are are pushing toward $200 billion annually  by 2021.  For perspective, our collective spending to defend against wrinkles and aging is greater than what we spend annually defending the U.S. through funding for the FBI and CIA! Maybe you think this suggests that our priorities are questionable or maybe you've spent money to look younger and realize it's value. Either way, ethics controversies surround the use and production of some of the most popular products used to forestall aging and even greater ethical challenges are on our horizon as gerontology and bio science approach the capacity to engineer radically extended lives.