Maybe from your childhood you remember "the buddy system," where you never went hiking or swimming or engaged in any especially challenging activity without a buddy to turn to for help when things got tough. Well, what could be tougher than aging? You should buddy-up.

If you already have a spouse or a partner, you may be in good shape. If you don't, look around at people you know and trust, perhaps a longtime family friend, someone from your church or your neighborhood. This doesn't have to be someone to live with, though it could turn into that, but at the very least someone you can call for help with a small problem or in a time of crisis and who will feel free to call on you in the same situation. Someone to share holidays and hugs with, triumphs and tragedies.


List at least four people you might be able to buddy-up with. Try extending yourself to them in friendship. When the time feels right, explain the buddy system to at least one and ask that person to be your buddy.