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Chuck Guilford, PhD, is the creator of Paradigm Online Writing Assistant, and his textbook, Beginning College Writing, was published by Little, Brown. He is also the author of many poems, stories, essays, reviews, and articles, which have appeared in Poetry, College Composition and Communication, College English, Coyote\'s Journal, and other places. Besides Paradigm and this site, he is the creator of Poetryexpress. What Counts, a chapbook collection of his poems, is available from .
Limberlost Press
He has thirty years of experience teaching a variety of university-level courses. He js an emeritus professor at Boise State University, where he taught composition, creative writing, and literature classes at both graduate and undergraduate levels. He has also taught numerous poetry workshops for young people.

A longtime member of N.C.T.E. and C.C.C.C., he has been a frequent conference participant and is the founder of the Council on Basic Writing (C.B.W.), a 4C's special interest group.


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