• 2018: Year in Review

    The 21st century is maturing and bringing with it miracles of the age: 5-G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and an Internet of Things(IOT) network to name a few. Readers, as you may know, this is not a science blog. This is the world we will live in and we will soon be asked to adapt. How will 2018 changes impact us? What do these changes have to do with aging? What 2018 improvements will assist us in the years ahead? How do we make sense of it all and where will it lead? Some of these questions will be answered by time but let's look back at 2018 and see what we know right now.

  • 2019: Year In Review

    America was flooded with viewpoints in 2019. In fact, viewpoints may have overwhelmed facts causing some to say America is in a post-factual period. Bolstering that claim were more "fabricated facts" or claims of "fake news" and sophisticated technological manipulations that supplanted truth with truth-like fictions at increasing rates. AI photo creations, for instance, are now hardly distinguishable from reality and are used to spread viewpoints that seem to come from real people. That phenomenon, called "deepfakes" results in "disinformation" when misused and may be the biggest challenge to our fact based realityThat said, this review of 2019 has been diligently researched and facts included were corroborated by other trustworthy sources. As with anything you may detect a viewpoint but unlike "fabricated facts" or disinformation--- my goal is not to deceive.

    In the 2 minute video above Suzanne Spaulding, Senior Advisor, Homeland Security, International Security Program speaks about the way disinformation attacks democracy.